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Nuke Blood Scandal - #nukedblood
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the community NEED YOUR HELP

On September 21st 2023 at the All-Tests Reunion, the Nuclear Veteran Community launched a legal challenge to the Ministry of Defence to provide their full medical records, which they have been denied access to over many years. Many veterans, widows and descendants have been denied access to their records or received partial records. Together with McCue Jury and Partners this action will ensure that the Ministry of Defence provides the information that these families deserve.

please support and share the funding page

Please share this message via email or messenger to everyone you know. The community raised over £50,000and have now issued a letter before action to the Ministry of Defence. Even a small donation would help the community reach our goal. Thank you in advance for your support, and again, please share the crowdfunder on social media and to your friends, family, and email contacts.

Dear X,

This week I/my grandad/uncle/whoever joined other nuclear test veterans and their families in launching a legal case to sue the Ministry of Defence to obtain our missing medical records. The fact that these records have been withheld from us, affecting our health and happiness, for so long has been a source of severe suffering for decades, and enough is enough. It is time for the truth.


The only way to force the MoD to be honest with us is a High Court case, which will cost an estimated £100,000. We have all donated what we can afford, and now I'm asking you to do the same:


Please send the link on to at least another 10 people to help our cause. This is not just about veterans and their families - this is about making sure our government treats us all with respect and honesty, that cover-ups stop and the truth always comes out. It affects us all equally, just as the work the veterans did in the 1950s and 1960s has protected us all equally ever since. With your help, we can bring this ordeal to an end.


Darganfod mwy am raglen brofi y DU


Studies have found these men are more likely to die, to die from cancer, for their wives to miscarry and for their children to have birth defects. They struggle with the injustice of their treatment, both physically and mentally.


We can change that.


Please use the resources on this page to lobby your MP, peers, union representatives, and the hierarchy of the Labour Party and its NEC. In 2019, the party's general election manifesto pledged a £50,000 ex gratia payment to every survivor, which Keir told us was "the starting point". With an election imminent, we need to ensure the next manifesto goes further.


We ask for:


1. A national apology 
2. A medal to recognise the service and sacrifice of these veterans 
3. Financial support for veterans & families 
4. UK-wide education program on the tests and their impact 
5. Research for descendants

With your help, we can move the machinery of the party and the state. 


Please use the links below to find out more.

purchase nuked blood products
(all profits to the crowdfunder)

sign up to the legal action

You can sign up to the legal action by sending your name, address, email address and contact number to Join the veterans and their families who signed up for the action on the 21st of September 2023.